Paste on changes with size, but not graphic effects

Size 100 vs. Size 50:
Color eff. 0 vs. Color eff. 50:
(Here's what the pink circle looked like at color effect 50: image)

  1. Is this a bug/misfeature or design choice?
  2. Either way, how can I get around it without JS?

I promoted this to the "bug reports" category.

That's a bit disappointing...

Yes, but we still need to be able to use the core sprite effects.

Maybe you could create a costume with the desired effect, switch to this costume and paste it on the sprite?

You can stamp on stage then create a costume and paste.

There is an old project
with block built this way
PasteOnWithEffects script pic

Ah, if Jens said that, I guess it's a misfeature rather than a bug. :~)

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