Ow to put my game made on Snap! to my web page?

Please help me understand how to put my game made on Snap! to my web page?
Please show an example!

You need to share (come back if you don't know how to do that) your project and then goto to your Snap! projects page

Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Click on the project that you want to embed into your website and then click on the embed button and copy/paste the code into your website

I thought that you got hurt in doing that thing.
Anyways,you can use the embed option

Show by example!
Let the content Snap-8.0.0.zip located at: https:\www.tvorimvsevmeste.ru\snap8\index.html
What will be the embed URL and embed embed code?

Where I work, your official website is terribly slow. My students have normal access only to our internet server. Is it possible to put an offline version of Snap there! and link from student web pages to Snap! running on our server.
Please show by example which code should be inserted into student pages in this case. For example, we will assume that snap! it can be placed (with your permission) at: https:\www.tvorimvsevmeste.ru\snap8\index.html

From the other post,you have problems connecting to snap.
You can host an xml file and a snap branch to do that

Please explain how to do what you wrote! :shushing_face:

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