Output cutoff

For some reason when a text output gets too long it's cut off with three dots. This isn't just visual as plugging it into a list returns it with the dots, thus making all info after that point lost. Help maybe?

Confirmed, although it has to be pretty huge. 200! isn't big enough, but 1000 copies of 200! is:

Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 3.57.21 PM

But this may be a deliberate restriction. I'll check...

Some sort of workaround would be really helpful, this is extremely annoying for working with site urls and large files (the example image i used is from a scratch (2.0 specifically) json)

I don't know enough about the geometry of your list. For example, would this work:

with your list replacing the ... block?

PRESENTATION is limited to 500 chars.
I created a variable with 100k chars. Then exported from the watcher.
Browser saves 100k text files with all the data.

I have another message awaiting approval that may help explain what i need.

i have no clue how the map block works, but what i'm currently attempting to do is this:

Hmm, if you break Snap! by doing stuff in Javascript, that doesn't count as a Snap! bug.

MAP calls the given function for each item of the list, reporting a list of the results. So if your data are nicely spread out in each dimension, this would make the inputs to JSON OF smaller.

er... the example image doesn't contain any javascript. the "code" block is just a glorified multi-line block.

There is nothing wrong with data. Bubble output is limited to 500 bytes

But data are still there. You just need a proper way to handle it.

whenever I need to look at a large output, I either split the text by line, or just send it to my clipboard and then just paste it into notepad to look at.

Variable watcher "export..." saves data as a file.

Oof, forgot about "split by line".