Option to disable anti-aliasing

I find that costumes are blurry in Snap*!*. At first I thought this was a bug, but now I realize it's because of anti-aliasing. Of course anti-aliasing can be helpful sometimes, but other times I want to disable it, so why not add a setting for it? Scratch doesn't use anti-aliasing and in some situations it looks a lot better without it:



I would love a setting but Jens will never agree, is my guess. A related thing that I've been agitating for is to have a second copy of the stage, in which nothing is antialiased, so you compute both all the time, and use the non-antialiased one in the Paint Editor and for the FILL block. Maybe the antialiased version can be computed just when needed to refresh the stage, rather than all the time in parallel with the non-antialiased version. If we did that, a setting to display the non-antialiased stage instead of the antialiased one wouldn't be so hard to do.

I definitely agree. It would be nice if blocks like stamp and paste where exact as well, so that stamping and using pen trails wouldn't loose resolution over time.

Which would give the extremely laggy website called "Snap!" double the lag.

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