Option for variables to be uneditable

Please add an option in the variable right-click menu to make it uneditable, like this:
(Sorry about the bad mockup)
For example, if you have a list of sprites that you want to make all do a command at once multiple times, instead of constructing the list every time, you could just have an uneditable variable with that list.
Names of uneditable variables also wouldn't show up in the SET and CHANGE dropdowns. Uneditable variables would also show up in a separate section in the palette, like this:

Hmm. Why can't you just refrain from changing its value?

I mainly want this for the separate section in the palette.

Ah. Workaround: Start all their names with the same non-alphameric character. :~)

Whatever floats your boat.

Sprite local variables are "less" exposed.

I don't get what do you really want, but there there is a similiar concept.
Script local variables "captured" by ringified expression.
untitled script pic (4)
untitled script pic (5) is effectively read-only.

Also custom block local variables can be combined to form something like a read-only variable reporter.
untitled script pic (7)
untitled script pic (6)
Used this way. Once set
untitled script pic (8)
it becomes read-only.
untitled script pic (9)
untitled script pic (10)

I love the "shared value" one!

How about a custom variable-category reporter with no inputs and just returns a single value? It looks like a variable but it would not show up in set to or change by because it is not really a variable. The only downside is that there is no watcher for it.

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