On going problems with The Search

Lots of people I know or have seen have been trying to play the search it is an actual good horror game that ive been working on ever since the start of february... This will actually be a good horror game that i would love for people to play! If you want to play or help with this game let me know by replying heres some leaks...
The search gameplay leaks

just let me know......

I changed the category -- this isn't a request for help with the forum.

Sorry :frowning:

Thank you for fixing it bh!

@bh I have a question for you... I couldn't find a category for it on a post so wanted to ask you straight up... How do I get this on snap?

Screenshot 2023-02-24 8.50.10 PM

I wandering how to get another Option thing like the cloud varibles shown I've seen this on many projects but dk how to get it.... Pls help

Right-click on the background of the palette and choose "Make a category."

Ok! Thx a lot! I've always wanted to do that!

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