OBJECT [ v] and similar report the first clone

OBJECT, TELL, ASK, etc all report the first clone if trying to get a blank object
by "first" clone i mean in the order they're created (if you TELL [] delete this clone, it goes through clones in order of creation from oldest to newest)

Yup, that's a bug. It wouldn't really matter if it weren't for the deletion part. I guess it should just error.

that's actually not a bug, but because temporary clones don't have a name of their own, so they do identify as ... not having a name, which is right.

why do clones have no name? i would expect them to take the name of the parent.

either way i don't think any of these blocks should select anything without a name, even if a sprite has an empty name. it just makes it way too easy to break things.

EDIT: i think this sounded a lot ruder than i meant, sorry

thanks for your opinion. My remark was in response to Brian's claim that it's a bug, which it isn't. I'm closing this.