Non-existent clones can create existing clones

When you report a non-existent clone, there is a big X to inform you that that clone doesn't exist anymore.

And that's true. You will notice that the clone is not there. And scripts will not work:

But I don't why this does:

It will report a deleted but existing clone. Scripts will work (idk why

still give errors) and you can see stage to confirm this.

Is this supposed to happen?

I'm pretty sure telling a clone to make another non-existent clone and then telling the non-existent clone clone would mess up the scripts (Just like 0/0 on a calculator).


I was talking about what if a non-existing clone creates a clone of itself (should not be possible).

Technically it's not the clone making a clone of itself, but rather some third party making a clone of it.

Even so, I'd agree it shouldn't happen. But then I wouldn't have that pulldown menu in the block; it'd just be A CLONE OF MYSELF and if a third party wanted to clone me it'd use TELL same as for any other meddling. But alas, Jens just copied the Scratch blocks.

But how is this possible?

Eerr... I don't think so. That clone does not exist anymore. Is a non-existent sprite/clone supposed to be able to create a clone of itself?

The reason there's such a thing as a dead clone is that sprites are first class, so your program might have a list of sprites, made before the clone was deleted, that still includes it. So it does exist, as long as something points to it.

But yes, it would be better not to allow cloning it. But this is a low priority thing to change, I think.

OK. But I still don't understand why the clone of the non-existent clone is deleted (by reporters) but exists (scripts work and you can see it in the stage)

It's a bug. Just not a very important bug.

OK I understand

The [scratchblocks](a new clone of[ v]::control[/scratchblocks] block creates a clone of the sprite in the dropdown, no matter where you call it from. Same with the command block.

Well this works, but doesn't report anything (and you can't result pic it):

Of course it doesn't report anything, there's no valid sprite in the dropdown.

Yes. And how do you explain this?:

Good catch, I'll fix this for the next minor release coming up shortly. Thanks for the report!