(NFY)Animation Meme Project

I think I might create my own music to this....this is not finished and it took about a week to get this far into the meme. What do you think?

Wowwie, it looks amazing! :smiley:

Thanks! ^w^

You're a good artist. Was that all done freehand?

I thought it wasn't a "meme" unless it had some dopey moral attached. Is that what "Ink" is, in this one? What does it mean?

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Yeah it was all done in the Snap! costume editor, and thanks! :smiley:

Well, there are two types of "memes" 1, the basic funny ones we all know. 2, the animation type of memes, where you have a character thats animated to dance or something to some sort of music.

INK is the name of the character that I created(some people call them OC's) that I put in the project. Also her name is INK because she is a cat that had a friend that went missing, and she went insane and started to drown her enemies in ink thinking that they had killed her friend. (It's kind of a horrifying backstory.)

The animation is also not finished yet.