Next step

Then, you should be able to remove the "report" block and the stored API key block should work normally. Give a shout if it doesn't.

EDIT: Can anybody else see this besides @mr_owlssssnap2???

I can see it
because you mentioned me

That makes sense- I just wasn't sure if anybody else did. Does the block work now?

Yes thanks :D
Well I got to respect it's decision.
Maybe not...?

If I make a chatbot, they wont beable to see the api key right?

Anyone could see inside, so yeah. I would say it would be better to ask the user for an API key, and then set a variable to that. Make sure it's transient, though!

come again?

Screenshot 2022-02-02 08.25.58
Transient means the value of a variable won't be saved. So if you set the variable to "thing", then save, share, and publish it, the variable won't be "thing" anymore- it just won't have a value.

nevermind, I thought you meant transparent, so I was confused.

@pajamaclaws21, set the gen-text to swear, and it will give you different answers every time.
(but they are all related to sportswear...)