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when I'm done with a scene how do I get my sprite on the scene I'm done with to the next scene without having the same block as the scene I'm done with

Are you asking if you can send a sprite from one scene to the next? If so, I don't believe you can send sprites between scenes, only broadcasts. I could be wrong.

No, that's right. Each scene is an entirely separate project. You can't send a sprite dynamically. But what you can do is export a sprite from the first scene (right-click on the sprite either on the stage or in the sprite corral, then choose Export), which will put a file on your disk with all the sprite's information, including local blocks, and then you can import that file while editing the second scene (just drag the file in). Make sure any global custom blocks used by local custom blocks of the sprite are defined in the second scene!

Oh, and just saying, you cannot drag and drop a sprite onto a different scene. I personally think that should be added.

Are you saying you can't drag in the exported XML file? Or are you asking to be able to drag the actual sprite from a Snap! window into another Snap! window?

I am asking for the ability to drag and drop a sprite from the sprite coral or stage onto a scene to copy it to that scene, much like what we can do with moving blocks between sprites. This removes the need to download a file to copy a sprite to another scene.

Oh, I see. Yeah, I forgot for a moment that the other scenes are represented in this scene's sprite corral. That's a good suggestion. Don't hold your breath, though.

I do export my sprites but I wan't my sprites on both scene 1 and scene 2 it doesn't half to be same block on the sprites, I just want to same customs and same sprites

So import them into each scene.

I'll test that

I can't figure out how to import a sprite to the next scene

First export the sprite, which will make an XML file in your browser's download folder.

Then, for each other scene, select the scene and drag the XML file into it.

There should be a feature where we can just drag a sprite from one scene to another.

Yeah, that'd be nice. Low priority.


now when your on this scene and what I want to know is how to know is how to get scene 1 to send a signal to scene 2 because when I'm done with scene 1, I want my ranking be at InProgress when scene one is done but when game is over I want ranking to be at lose but when I click on the red circle I want my ranking variable to be at lose. but I can't separate start of scene 2 ranking variable at InProgress and scene 2 ranking variable lose. it's hard to explain but I tryed my best .
when I have scene 2 varible at lose when I click the red circle then what will happen is that when I start stage 2 the varible ranking is at lose and the game is over when I stat scene 2.

In scene1:

In scene2:
untitled script pic (1)

I'll try after I fix a glitch

how do I get to version 8.2.3

Hold shift and refresh the page to get to the latest version.