New Year Countdown 2022 (Part 6)

Ok. I’ll make a background rq, we will vote. It’s a democracy.

I will make one too. but it might take an hour or two.


I'm making a calendar/countdown background.

My parents banned me from Scratch. I can't see it.

I’ll snapinator it.

Or just take a screenshot or something.’s%20UI%20Pack
Graphics got downgraded in conversion*

Actually, they look cleaner on the Snap! project to me.

Uh, the On/Off button colors are wrong...

Wdym wrong?

Im going to make the buttons and what not and ill show you and you tell me if you like them or nor. (Run-On Sentence)

What is wrong with the sliders?






My background for the countdown:

I like the notification. Also those are notification/pop up like things.

Sure but gives off Christmas vibes.
Also @joecooldoo i like my true/false ones better.

I prefer your true/false sliders tbh.

Inkscape is the best, it took me about 30 mins to make this.