New Year Countdown 2022 (Part 5)

But you can only send one word on yours and it's lame.

You can type as many as you want. Just look at me type in it. (Open the project)

Can you at least use the tool for custom inputs?

Also the refresh rate is slow. Put it in a warp block.

I can make it draw fast. I have it wait 3 secs to reduce load on servers.

  • The drawing no longer looks glitchy. I won't make the refresh rate faster.
  • Made it so you can say UTC times (e.g. "UTC-4")



Your spamming like crazy.

Script is erroring:

It only calls every 3 secs.

That is still alot, based on that gif.

@sir_kitten2 it wont let me chat :)

Type in "lol :D"

It wont even do anything when I press enter

Me neither.

Oop Snap! Extensions detected it as a chat

Lemme just remove that piece of code...


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