New Year Countdown 2022 (Part 4)

Ok, you make the chat room ui. I’ll do buttons. Also use Free Logo Maker - Create your own logo in minutes! as an example or template.

Code something. Question: what do you think you can help with?

so your asking to join my repl or something?

Why are you saying that over and over.

I prefer Inskscape.

Where's the project? (too lazy to go back and look)


Notice “example or template” by that use the oval like shape it has and make sure there is shadow. I am very strict about UI.


Ask @sir_kitten2 or something, I have no idea.


Well, they're right here, so...

s t r I c t

Quote yourself if your alive.

Why do you keep saying that?

They weren't. They only said that once.

Cause he does it all the time on a lot of other topics.

Ok seriously, @sir_kitten2 where did you go? We have questions. Can you send the base project link? Also look at my reply.

Sorry, Im tired and not thinking right. :slight_smile:

I think joe’s sister means I keep saying stuff about him quoting.

Well, on this topic.
And Earth yeah.

Don't spam me.