New Update: dye.io2 1.0.7 update

@slate_technologies bet you'll like this update :slight_smile:

Introducing dyeio2 1.0.7!

Here is the changelog:

The 1.0.7 update introduces...

Minor Bug Fixes,
New thumbnail,
Age raing,
G.R.O.S. [Silver Certified]!
Upgraded logo,
Menu texture update,
Updated loading screen,
Enemy speed much smoother and faster,
Fixed bug so the enemy cant kill you instantly,
And more!

Check out the update now!

that's quite a bit of new stuff isn't it?

anyway check out the official website by @earthrulerr and me:

play the game on Snap! here: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

or play it here!

that's all!

I feel like more bugs have been added ever since you updated this game.

GAMEPLAY: Nothing much changed. So 3/10.

DIFFERENCES: Well, there are a few notable differences. For example, the Enemy AI has changed a lot. However, it doesn't work as well as it used to be, but hey, the movement is smoother! So 6/10. Also there are a few more bugs.

MUSIC, ART, ASSETS: I'll update this category later.

OVERALL RATING: 9/20. I'll update this part later because of the MUSIC, ART, ASSETS category. But for now, focus on the extra notes or something.

EXTRA NOTES: Well, there are a few more glitches and bugs. I feel like the bug fixing only made the game worse and buggy. The AI can still attack you when you are in Explore Mode as shown by the sword sounds and the score counter showing, with the AI's score increasing.

alright, ill fix it.

The enemy can't attack you in explore mode, i just tried it.


dyeio2 1.0.8 is here.

here is the changelog:

Most major bugs fixed with the enemy dying, attacking when arena mode closed, and more.

Check out the update now!


tip: if you want avoid the enemy killing you after you kill it (a bug i'm currently working on fixing, you need to backup like instantly after you kill it.