New topic button doesn't work (Joke)

I can't make a new topic, please help?

You just made a topic.

and that's the joke

Possible problem: you are in the announcements category. Users who are not Snap! developers/whoever else cannot create topics in the announcements category. (Slightly less of a joke than the original post)

This is a complicated problem with a lot of variables to figure out.

First off, are you sure that you're clicking the "new topic" button? Make sure you're not replying to a thread, or clicking the logo to go back to the Snap! forums hub. If you're sure that you're clicking the correct button, then you should next make sure you've written a post?

If you know that you have a post written, it's time to go onto some more complicated troubleshooting. Is your WiFi on? Is your computer plugged in? How can you be sure that this site isn't just a figment of your imagination? How can you be sure you're awake? How can you be sure that you are at all?

I'm clicking the button on the top left corner saying "snap", but that's probably not a problem. My WiFi is down, and I don't have power, but that shouldn't be an issue either. This is technically a figment of our imaginations because we're lightly punching a piece of plastic or glass with sensors under it, followed by millions of little lights. I'm kinda tired, but eh, it's fine. But I do see a movie studio every time I look south. Again, not a problem. I'm not, is that a problem?

Hope this helps!

I've also got a problem: I can't reply to any topics. I also can't type any characters on my keyboard, but that definitely isn't a problem with my keyboard because I've tested it out on other applications, so it must be a Snap Forums problem. Also, I can't do any polls, but I don't know if this is too much of a problem. Do you think it is? Vote here!
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  • It is a problem that I can't set up any polls
  • It is not a problem - nobody needs to set up polls

For some reason, I can't see any topics! The screen is just white. No UI at all. Let me turn off and on--

I have a few questions:

  1. How do I make a reply?
  2. How do I add a quotation?
  3. How do I make a bulleted list?
  4. How do I make a poll?
    [poll type=regular results=always public=true chartType=bar]
  • I know how to make a poll
  • I also don't know how to make a poll
  1. How do I edit a post (e.g. to add another question)?
    ^Apparently, I must wait some time before the edit will show up as an edit.

I'm surprised none of the actual Snap! devs have commented on this, we really need help with these things.

I need some help, guys. The reply button disappeared, so I'm not sure what to do :cry:. My emoji menu is gone as well. Another problems that my keyboard is not working so I can't type write now. This text would be formatted, but that menu isn't working either. Thanks in advance.

Same here, now I can't even attach pictures. Here's this meme though

I've also got a problem:

I can't hide text

Also I can't exist. Is that a problem?

I abseloutely have a problem: my posts are replying twice. It's really weird.

I abseloutely have a problem: my posts are replying twice. It's really weird.

Why is this:

gobo + 𝝺 = :alonzo:

me too, I can't use quotes

I can't make wiki posts!

I can't edit wiki posts! ~SnapenilK

I can't add preformatted text to wiki posts -ego-lay_atman-bay

Can someone tell me where the edit button is?! - miniepicness
Seriously though, how do you add polls?
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  • h
  • j
  • f

Where is the reply button for wiki posts?

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