New to Snap! - what can I do?

In 28 September of 2021 this topic got closed, but don't worry!
I made new topic for ideas. You can find the link in the Links section on my profile.

TYSM for interesting :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
~ mk

This should probably go in the #requests-to-the-community category.

How about a calculator with perhaps cool design features and trigonometric calculations.


he's not asking about that, he's asking for

you could make a dog game!

Can you explain your idea to me?

Did you see this?

I made something a long time ago when I first started using snap and published it today cuz I found it now im working on it again read the description link: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

I will use it as inspiration, thank you!

Yes, I saw this, but I think this post should go to #help category.
I'm not going to change category. If you want post, please post about this topic and try to help. Thanks!

Also you can read Reference Manual to get started :slightly_smiling_face:

Help hor snap is used for asking questions about broken scripts, etc. This is a request to the community, asking what type of game you should make.

btw im updating the link so you have the ver.0.6

why not just update the original project and don't put the version numbers in the names? it's so much easier, since you can just use the same link. also, why would they need the updated version? are you wanting them to make a game where you play as a dog, or to make a remix of your game?

I know the basics of Snap! (you know I was scratcher c:) but I'm only looking for ideas.

Im just telling them its a cool idea heck this is the best idea I have had in a few months!

he just joined there is no way he can do that!
I have a topic about the game I showed.

well uh