New stuff in ceoeo's adventure!

Telelazer: kinda works like he did in my original boss battle project. Teleports and 360sprays waves!!!

Boomerang Ship: Expect to see lots of flying wavebeams come round the corner!!!

Added a gameover screen and in game restart

This has been an Awaga production. Enjoy the game!

Can you post a link to the project please?

Your pixel art is pretty good, but can we please have the project link?

@odysseus_ssb @cymplecy here you go. Snap! Build Your Own Blocks enjoy level 3. (it wont be easy...)

Looks great :slight_smile:

I played it (I was in school when I saw the reply). It was fun but I did have fps issues with it.

I tried to make the background transitions less frames to fix this problem. I think that the program "dosen't really like it" when I make big things change effects.

Yeah especially that enemy that spins and grows or shrinks at the same time.

You mean the virid boss

or Telelazers...

they both spin around and change sizes