New stuff in Ceoeo's Adventure. Blue Blade Boss + More

Hello. Octronica here. I'm still working on Ceoeo's adventure and added some new things. I also fixed the lag/slowdown a bit by reducing the animation time it takes your lasers to disappear. I reworked the 3rd boss into... THE BLUE BLADE!!! (Still most likely subject to change to fully patch him out)

What does the blue blade do? well, first he will come flying out form nowhere so watch out. then he will come spraying bommerangs and lasers. watch out for his deadly ice attack! If you don't have a shield, you will be slowed for a while. Just shoot him down as well as his minions.

Next, he will leave for a while to prepare his ultimate weapon. In the meantime, 3 of his Telelazer minion will come to keep you busy. It should be light work taking them out.

After you enjoy their fireworks as they explode. Guess whos coming back... The Blue Blade has prepared the ULTIMITE WEAPON!!! Well, not really. all it does is shoot a flurry of ice beams in a huge arc. Although he is apparently the only enemy smart enough to realize that you can't shoot from behind. So how do you take him out if you can't just turn on him. Simple. Asteroids will start flying from the right. Shoot them to send them right at him. Watch out as the big Asteroids and small can hurt you. And watch out for the red ships that will try to flank you. (Note: the bossfight and especially the final phase are subject to editing and changes.)

So far this is the end for now. So please play and leave some feedback for the game.

Additional changes:

  • Changed attack pattern of FlameThrower ship to follow you as it shoots.

  • Minor AI tweak for most of the large enemies.

  • You EXPLODE upon death now. Pretty cool right.

  • Octronica.

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