New setting

this setting is a "limits" setting. (it would be accessible through the settings menu and the set [] to <> block and is [] on? blocks, including the ones in the setters and getters library) it would allow (mouse x) and (mouse y) to sense outside of the presentation area (is that what it's called?). it also would allow stamping to go off-stage.

it already can

you mean pen?

What it means first of all is just the display of the sprite. I've always wanted that for the purpose of making tutorial videos but it's never seemed like the most important thing for general use.

no it doesn't, it just says 240 or -240 for mouse x, and 180 to negative 180 for mouse y, once it gets too far.

I think he means, in edit mode, it can exceed the range.

oh, I was thinking of in edit mode. On the project page, the project area is really an iframe, so I don't think it's possible for sensing if the mouse is out of the project area on the project page.


Coordinates relative to stage center, allowed for iframe with proper CORS related settings

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