New Project: BDOS (CUI) to GUI

At the time of release, My BDOS project was not necessarily revolutionary, but was by the basic definition, an actual "Operating System" in Snap. You could write files for future storage (in a single browser session* tho), even if the Syntax was confusing. I wondered if it was possible to make a GUI on top of it. I am happy to confirm it's possible through Menus Library, and an early test has been made.
I'll release a prototype of it few days later. All other projects has been put under hold, and currently I'm rapid-developing it.

(* - Browser Session means the time from opening a browser till closing it)

Are you using the database blocks? Because if so, that uses the browser storage, which stays between browser sessions (unless you change some settings to delete them after closing the window, or use incognito mode).

in the help text it says you need to type retrive but you need to type read

o h

yeah i'm gonna change that. idk how that didnt get noticed on the RC phases.

Local Storage, yes.

I don't know how to make the data store for more than a session. I don't think Snap has cloud variables.

You must have some setting to clear local storage after the browser is closed, because by default, it should stay between browser sessions.