New input types for make a block

Alright hi

Can you add color and/or dropdown input support for custom blocks?

Color input will be the same thing as in <touching []?> (color).
And the dropdown will make you add options as a list and you will be able to do things based on which option is selected using if/else.

Alright bye

Edit: so dropdowns were actually possible

dropdown menus are possible to make in custom blocks, right-click the long input dialog

options... lets you make a custom dropdown menu, read-only makes it read only, like, you can't type anything in the input. menu is a bunch of special menus that let you make menus

it is actually possible to put a color picker in a custom block (ok, it's possible to put any input in custom blocks), but it's very hard to work with.

Oh ok.

I’m somewhat new here, thanks for informing me about this pretty feature.

it's also in the reference manual, I can't remember the page number it's on, I haven't even read it, lol.


I agree that a color picker should be one of the things you can put in an input slot. It should give your procedure a three-item list of RGB values (0-255).

Dunno how high that is on the priority list. Jens has colors on his list of things to redo someday. The key word there is "someday."

yeah, I just don't really like reading, I like doing, plus, I tend to figure stuff out myself.

Whatever floats your boat.

say (%clr)

I don’t think it’s that easy...

edit the xml

I use Snap on mobile.

How do I even do that?

You download a text editor available for your OS.

I will try editing it, I want to feel like a hacker :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you share projects with edited XML?

Here is an example project made by @spaceflyer234-

Hacked blocks weren't called hacked blocks for nothing on Scratch! :laughing:

But I forgot one thing

how do I even download the xml file

No wait,

just tell me the file extension of Snap projects, I think I found how to export.

I’m on iOS so it just doesn’t download the file and gives plain xml text when I press export.

I need the file extension to import it again.

EDIT: Oh well I did it.

EDIT 2: I made the hacked block!


You dont feel like a hacker!
Hacking Snap and Scratch is fun!!!