New 3D blocks

i need 3D blocks
i need 3D blocks

Find some of the Snap! projects in which people have invented their own 3D libraries.

@bh said no one maintaining it anymore

Where did he say that?

when I got banned, it was an appeal account pm (I think)

Could you quote it?

lemme sign in then gimme 5 min


No it's a PM so I cant I can only take screenshots

Just link to it, @18001767679 did it the other day and it worked, but there's no need now.

PM's DONT work

They do...

try this then

Put it on its seperate line and the forum will create a embed that shows the message content.

Link one of your pms then
It looks like the forum has changed its code or something

-_- bruh why you make me go through pain

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