Never-ending lists

I'm not sure if this has already been found out yet, but you can make never-ending lists by adding a list to itself.
Link to the project
Testing hasn't proved successful (in finding information), except for the fact that using an = block on it returns a strange error: image
Edit: By now I'm completely sure they're infinite. I used image and it basically did nothing.

probably because it makes a linked list with a tail that refers to itself

wait i thought using add would make a dynamic array, not a linked list???

It can be a dynamic array and still include itself as an item.

I found and worked-around that problem when making this project:

Yes, this has happened to me. @helicoptur you can have several lists in a list. You can even have a list in a list in a list in a list and this (I presume) can go on until who knows!

Yes, I already knew that; that's why my topic was in the 'share your projects' category and not, say, 'bug reports' in the first place.

Oh ok :slight_smile: