Need sugestions for my 1st and new game.

I like how it turned out but it still needs major improvements and a few fixes. Also, it could use some extra graphics. Still, despite how simple the coding is, it works fine.
Boss Battle

Anyways, I could also use a name for the enemy you face and some suggestions. Also, if you can find a more efficient way to code some stuff, that would be nice. And of course, leave some stuff down that I should do with this.

I know I would like a big programmer, But I literally just started here 3 days ago. still I do have some experience under by belt with shooters.

what's the name of the game? :slight_smile:

Did you click the link? Otherwise, if you are trying to search it up. It's literally called "Boss Battle"

and if the first 2 things don't work, try copypasting this link into your browser: