Need some tidying up!

Hey, I'm back asking for my questions. I know this is some pretty simple stuff but I'm brand new to this and, I like learning from you guys! The question I ask is, when I added an enemy sprite and a "You died" scene, it messed up my code some how and now I cant find where the problem is and how to fix this! Thanks for the help in advance!

I think one of the problems is that it's not despawning the zombie sprite, or putting the player back in the start location, so when you click 'respawn,' you touch the zombie and immediately die again.

Is tisba minecraft copy?

Also, may be.

That is why minecraft sends you back to your spawn point when h die, and if there are monsters there, it'll keep finding another nearby place until there are no /mm/d/ate dangers. (Note: i said no immediate dangers.)

How do i format text?

You use HTML tags like
<b> </b> = text
<i> </i> = text
<s> </s> = text
Also, yes, I was using Minecraft terms, but you get the basic idea

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