Name Changing

You should make the ability to change your Snap username. If mods can do it to other users, the reason im asking is I want my username changed to "MESGAME"

Could you help us out by saying why you didn't get that name in the first place? (I want to understand whether to expect a lot of users to want this. You can't do it in Scratch, which is sort of our benchmark for feature importance.) Thanks.

It's hard for us to do, right now. Hopefully it won't be in the future -- but it's something I do hope to support at some point.

As far as reasons: I think as people grow up they want to change their username. Most of the other social sites do let you do it. I want to change my username at some point...

MESGAME is sort of a developer team but now i think I'll just make another account for it

Oh. Yeah, you should have your account separate from some group you might not be in next year. We should have an official group account feature, eventually.