Mysterious background


i don't know how, it's like there is 2 sprites on the screen...

i've never stamp it, never paste it...

impossible to clear it...

Switch the background back to empty

its not currently on, which i think is just replicating what ever is on the screen as the bg

Making another background should solve the problem.

EDIT: Awwww I didn't get chosen.

just set it back to empty

Thk, it work (backgroung = empty)

idk how it's happend...

it fine

I think I know how it happened. You might've pasted the sprite on the stage, which modifies the background image (not the pen layer). Also, you can easily clear it by switching the costume to (empty)

Same result, but i does'nt paste...


huh, I guess you might've accidentally done this in the stage

It's my only guess as to what happened.

I mean, I did have the quickest and easiest reply