My project won’t open because of a type null error

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  1. Safari
  1. I was doing my create task on snap, it’s a short interactive love story video game the code isn’t too complicated, I decided to add another costume to make the player seem visible, so I added a costume closed out my browser and after I came back it wouldn’t open. :cold_sweat:
  2. Not load the project due to a ‘TypeError: null is not an object (evaluating “xmlNode.attributes’), deleted all of my recover though I saved through every major step
  3. Open my program, revive my recover
    (Plz help me this is really important to me)

Sorry about that! Probably you did something that made the project too big to save, but you should have gotten an error message instead of a broken project. We're working on it...

I have saved the previous version of your project as "recovered" in your cloud account.

Next time, when the project won't load, in the open window there should be a Recover button you can use to find older versions. :~)

Thanks so much!!