My project only works in editor

When I run this project in editor, the white dots appear right where the mouse is, but if I turn it to full screen or run it on the project page, the white dots don't follow the mouse. What is the problem?
Snap! 6.3.7 Build Your Own Blocks (

please share the project

It's shared now

ok i will look at it

seems to work for me; just more laggy

When I do it on the right side of the screen, dots will appear in two other places on the screen

oh yes.
@bh? why?

While I agree that the behavior is odd, unless you really need to edit individual pixels, you can just do
untitled script pic

This project is just for testing editing individual pixels. After I have it working, I'm going to try to make bigger things using this.

Full-screen mouse coordinates become nonintegers.
Artificial Screen script pic (3)

Thank you. This worked great.

I would use FLOOR OF (MOUSE X) and FLOOR OF (MOUSE Y) since that always rounds down

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