My project is at 10 fps

I have a lot of lag

I think it may be fill block but i don't have any way to replace it.
How to make my project faster?

I think it's the way you're detecting fps. It runs just fine for me (although the fps says it's running at around 20 fps).

Runs fine for me, well, the FPS counter seems to be fluctuation between 35-45.
It took me a while to actually look at the code because I was too busy playing it lol.

I'm a sucker for a good chip-tune!

Interestingly, the game runs fine but jumping between sprites in actual snap is laggy.

Looking at the code, My guess is the two gigantic nested if/else loops based on survival time, it's checking a lot and frequently. Snap now has Variadic If, so you could put that all in one command and see what happens? (It's the little black triangle at the bottom of the if block, if you click it you get one more option, if you shift-click it you get three)

Maybe not. I tried that and broke it, the FPS counter jumps to 45/50 but the game is playing at a much slower pace and ignores the first death and keeps going until the second death, but the music cuts out and the first puzzle loads twice...

So... it does make a difference but I'm not sure it's a good one, but that might be worth looking at?

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