my new game

i made a new game it is called coloring game so you start off as a red square coloring the stage and you have to press space to change color you can do it up to red,orange,yello,green,blue,purple,pink
here is a link

Pretty good for your first project! Meanwhile I was stuck on the repeat loop...

neat. the story line was riveting, character development had my on the edge of my seat, and overall production, simply breathtaking. 10 / 10 cant wait for a sequel


I know a say this about a lot of art pen games but it kinda reminds me of when i was testing draw-with-cursor on PIXELSNAP. I think this project is really cool but could need some fixing.


8 more 10, 9 or 8/10 ratings until your game gets G.R.O.S. SILVER CERTIFIED!!

good luck on your game!

Great project!