My New Animation Series!

Hello Snap! users! I'm working on a brand new animation series and I need YOUR help for episode ideas! Teaser animation is here: -------> The Callie & Willie Show! (Teaser) by oscar robinson - Snap! Build Your Own Blocks ( <-------

Uhhh... Hello?

Can I help perhaps?

this is amazing i support this 100% the teaser already looks good and i love the effect that you did with the 20s and 30s style animation i am going to watch all of the episodes that you make because this looks really good.

@oscar_robinson @oofpaste249
I'm unsure if the timing is correct for this, but I kinda threw this together.

this looks pretty good also i like where this animation is going in the future

AWESOME!! I love the animation! Thank you soo much!! :smiley:

How about....

...voice acting? :smiley:

I'm thinking Callie and Willie could have a British accent?

Oh okay cool! I suppose perhaps you'd have to hear our voices to figure out who you want to voice act, unless you want to, it's up to you of course

Yeah sure! :slight_smile:

By the way, do you have a script or anything for the first episode? Like perhaps do you have any story?

I honestly don't know... :thinking: I guess we can figure something out.

BTW there's a link for the official Calle & Willie Team collection! Look at just your public page.

I was thinking we could have Willie going for a walk (and whistling) and then he comes across a big gap and he tries (and hilariously fails) multiple times to get across safely?

I got the right sound effects! Now we'll need voice acting and animation! This is going to be so awesome!! :smiley:

maybe the first episode could just be them introducing themselves and their friends.

Like a pilot episode?

Yeah sure!