My link wont work?

heres a bug. my link dont work. here try this.

you need to do this:

gives you

(delete one of the excess ")"s)

EDIT: make sure the project is shared

it's not excess, it's actually in the name. the project is very shared.

i think its my user name

how to change name

I got it! Here's the link:

The parenthesis were messing up Discourse's hyperlinking.

Just do this:

<a href="">Text to show up in the link</a>

You currently can't change your username on Snap, sorry.

This had happened to me and the reason is if you have a ?,!, etc then the link may not work. You will probably have to rename it then try.

Save as a new project and take the old one down.

It's easier to just make a link using the other method..

Yeah I guess.

I know why. because of the parenthses, the forum thinks you have finished the link, when you haven't.

sorry for late bump:
mine got a 404 with your link