My game is super laggy

It’s a custom block mostly used for debugging
untitled script pic 60
I think this is the definition
But it could also be just the
untitled script pic 61
Block from debug mode
untitled script pic 62
If it is that it might be possible to calculate it so it doesn’t have to run the entire script before doing the calculation

how do i get debug mode?

If you are on mobile, press into a text box, press caps lock, then click on the snap logo. There will be a new option that says “switch to dev mode”

If you are on pc just hold the shift key and click the logo


  1. It’s dev(elopment) mode, actually (not debug)
  2. The DURATION block should NOT be based on FRAMES (as the number of frames reported appears to be dependent on several settings, and is therefore not a consistent indication of elapsed time.

Here’s the new block that is based on the time in milliseconds
It makes a clone so that it doesn’t modify the original sprite

The reason “recall” is needed is that if you have a “when I start as a clone” block it can interfere with the clone causing it to act as if it was a normal clone. So you need to make the clone and stop this scripts on the same frame

Is "recall"
untitled script pic - 2023-05-30T073307.487


Wait a second that takes an extra frame doesn’t it ._. That shouldn’t matter as it stops the script fast enough not much damage can be done