My first motion project

This is my first time using code in a project for motion so don't be toxic

to make anything happen click the flag icon multiple times
also tell me your thoughts on it!

@bh This is why i hadn't made a project like this until now:i still was learning how to do motion

Interesting idea. There are two places, the first two motion blocks and then the two TURNs, in which the second one undoes the first. Do you want the user to see that as a back-and-forth rotation? If so, you need to put WAITs in between. It could be as little as WAIT 0 SECS, which will let the redisplay process run but then go right back to your script. I actually like it at 0.2 secs.

P.S. I also made the sprite 50% size so I could see its motion better.

nice! how old are you, though? i was just wondering because i wanted to give you some feedback and tips and i notice that people take things differently at different ages....and i want to make sure that i say things right....

ooh animation!
im an ex animator, if you have any questions lmk