My first animation未命名的作品%20(1)%20(2)
(yeah i used my friend's acccount since he is at school)

The actual animation is great, but I had trouble reading the text-heavy pages because they didn't stay onscreen long enough. Luckily we have a pause button, but users shouldn't have to do that. I think that instead of timing the switching away from a text-heavy page, you should have a "Next page" button that the user can click when done reading.

I don't understand this reasoning. I mean, I see why him being at school might make it possible to use his account, but why would you want to?

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i didnt want to,im using his computer and forgot to log out of his cookies lol(nah this is a truth)

oh ok ill fix that after doing my integral equations

@bh first_class_grey_rin used 18001767679’s account when he went to the restroom and then when grey went to the restroom 1800176767 went on his grey’s account and posted on the forum that grey went on his laptop when he went to the restroom. Basically they used each other’s laptops while the other was away from it.

fixed(space to pause)

Oh. Sounds like something I don't need to worry about.

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I don't understand this lol

youre not really into aerodynamics?
if you dont,you will go to space today,and then quickly back again(meaning some guy driving xwing vertically)

I am...but...the text. It's too fast.

press spacce to pause and pause button to unpause

Is this like an interactive animation of some sort? Like a PHET Lab or a Simulation?