My blocks (WIP)

this is my custom block project! its being worked on.
link: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks
currently, none of the blocks need js

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I fixed a few things. (Mostly grammar.) Here.

Link doesn’t work

Fixed. It was just an apostrophe that didn't make it into the url.

These are nice. I find myself implementing the GLIDE one all the time. Also GLIDE __ STEPS IN __ SECS. You should add that.

I have a couple of suggestions about your TELL block, namely about the names of the options. "Other's clones" really seems to mean "my clones." Did you mean not to have the apostrophe-s? "Closest" seems to me to suggest that it only tells one sprite, the very closest, to do something. I think "close" would be better (or "near" if you're worried that "close" might be interpreted as the opposite of "open).

STAMP OBJECT seems to me to be starting down a long difficult road, though. Why should STAMP be singled out for this treatment? One of my small annoyances with Jens is that he did the equivalent thing for CLONE, just because Scratch does it that way. CLONE shouldn't take an input. But, you know, why not CHANGE COSTUME OF OBJECT ___ TO ___? Why not DISTANCE FROM ___ TO ___? I'm somewhat unhappy that we have the OF block taking a sprite as input instead of using ASK ___ FOR (MY [whatever]), but at least in that case we have an excuse because the OF block predates the MY block.

Very interesting. The "Move Away" block could be used for an AI that mimics a human player's behavior in a game.



I didn't mean you should add those! I meant, you shouldn't add anything that takes a sprite as input, because instead you should use ASK or TELL.

There's a "for" in ASK.

Yes, mommy. :~P

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I intended to ping bh, but you had it on tracking "because you posted a reply to this topic."

Yeah but that post was kind of unnecessary