multiple problems with frequency blocks

for some reason sometimes frequency blocks randomly wont work.
here are some problems:

  1. sometimes frequency is muted even tho i put it to like 1000.
  2. then whex i use stop it says cant call stop without calling start even tho i did

uh, can you share a project showing this issue? I'm having a hard time understanding what you are doing.

i think i've figured out the cause, but still dont know why it causes that.

for some reason its not saying full link just control-c it and then control-v it in the link

can you tell us what the project name is?

i called it ???

did you make sure it's shared? (I can't access it)

it is shared

ah, ok. Found it.

That's a new bug ! (not present in 6.5.0) But not only in this block, it come from the round input (number only). The round input should not accept text: It accept the letter e or E !!!



(On chrome)

The number input accepts e so you can state numbers like 10e3 (e.g. 10000)

Yeah, I thought about it but in 6.5.0, the same block does'nt accept e or E.

If it is a new feature, the error should be caught if it's not a number...

1.23456e20 is a number but not "eee"


6.7.3? that's currently the newest version

i know, i have a local installation in 6.5.0... in 6.5.0, the input (number) don't accept letter e...

strange. i wonder why it dosent check to see if its a letter(s)?