Move (with time, like glide)?

I've got a student who wants to control the speed that the pen moves.

Like how glide has a time parameter for how long to spend gliding to an absolute position, but he's using relative motion -- he is at a position and orientation and wants to just [move 10] but have it take a certain duration. So he wants a flavor of the move block with a time parameter -- that doesn't exist, right?

Any ideas (besides creating that as a custom block that computes the destination coordinate based on current position/orientation)?

Would the Animation library help them achieve want they want?


thx for the tip, I hadn't seen that before. Hard to tell exactly what those blocks are for (with no help... comments).

Fortunately, the excellent student went ahead and created a custom block [move %dist %secs], using trig functions to compute the destination coordinates given the current position and orientation, and then just call glide

He is excellent.

Page 33 of the manual has nformation on them

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