Mojo's Arrow Advice!

DDR and ITG are cool, but not many people outside of the rhythm game community know how their charting works. So I made a program that tells you what things are acceptable and what isn't! (albeit this one is slightly skewed towards modcharts).
Warning: There's some vulgarity, but you kinda have to go out-of-your-way to actually see it lol. (Edit: Now it's toggleable)
And note: I manually put in specific charts, so out of the 65536 there's only like 14 unique charts that I chose to put in.
Oh, and if you wanna suggest any changes, I'll be looking at the replies so tell me there.
Play it here: Mojo's Arrow Advice!
Thanks for playing!

I would have viewed this but github is blocked at my school. Dang.

Same. big sad