Modern Version Of "SNAP" Pipe Block

just wanted to share this with modern blocks

What is the purpose of this?

I know this has been said to you before but it'd be much easier to read your scripts if you switched to normal mode, exported your script and switched back to whatever this is.

I find it it takes so much concentration to read that that I rarely bother.

I've made the effort in this case and nice script :slight_smile:

Some people prefer to use fade blocks, some people don't. I don't really like it, but that doesn't stop others from using it.

I used modern day blocks instead of the old blocks to make this.

Umm.. I don't think this is modern, just faded

Just because I use faded blocks doesnt mean they arent modern! :man_facepalming:

There isn't a preset though:


And there is no a preset called modern. Most similar is shimmering though

Btw, what fade level do you use?


i mean modern snap blocks, there are some old blocks in the banner that dont exist anymore.

You're talking about the fact that SPLIT BY WHITESPACE is now called SPLIT BY WORD? Thanks for catching that!

Fwiw, I agree that it's really hard to read scripts you post with faded blocks.

Btw, it seems to work if I put it as the second input:

i thought split by " " was the new split by whitespace

okay :(

untitled script pic (89)

same thing lol

SPLIT BY <space> has a whole bunch of empty items, but word and whitespace don't.

oh true