Mobile shared links no longer open in Full Screen

Not long ago, our classes used to encourage students to open their projects on their mobile device, which was a cool feature that led them to share projects with friends. This worked because shared links opened in Full Screen on mobile. Now it seems that shared links open in editor mode, making it impossible to play their Snap! games on mobile devices.

This seems like a major regression; at the very least, maximize mode should be on by default when opening the project in screens that are too small to render the full width of the editor.

Fixed in 6.9.2, up any time now...

Still not working?

Hmm, I'll ask Jens to look into it again.

Can you give us an example of a link / project you tried to share?

Sorry for the delay! Here is an example:

... I now see that you need the original post was opening the editor page not the community page...
I guess it isn't too hard to press the full screen button on the community page.