MMO True or False game

Just like that.

Dev team:

Invites: @joecooldoo @helicoptur

We will need Cloud Vars for this and a really good dev team, this STAYS in Snap!

No we don’t.

Did you not visit the link? Yes we do!

Why does it have to be MMO?

Well, visit the link and you will understand!

I DID VISIT THE LINK! I just want to know why it has to be MMO!

Its an online True/False game. Earthrulerr wants to make it online. So there.

If you want to make an MMO game, you should really use websockets, since they can respond instantly.

Ive tried to make a websocket engine, it worked, but it kept falling asleep. It just goes on and off. (Mostly off)

did you try using uptime robot? I’m not completely familiar with it, but I have a pretty good idea.

Yes, thats what kept it awake, and it pinged it every 5 min, but it kept going to sleep.

I want to make it one.

Why are you so apposed to NetsBlox? I will not help you make any MMOs unless they are in NetsBlox.

That’s my concern.

Welp, I guess you and me are never making an MMO together.

Not unless it’s in Snap!.

I will never make a MMO in Snap! unless they add cloud messaging

You can make your own!

or use netsblox