[Minor]imported exported variable value name not fully utilised

I just used the excellent new export facility to save a couple of reporter results - all good :slight_smile:

But when I then dragged them into my project, it didn't create the full name of data (1) on the 2nd variable

I'm guessing this is intentional... After all, the original name of your variable was "data" not "data (1)"!

But the imported variable gets named 'data ' with a space at the end, which wasn't the original name.

Oh. Yeah, that's a bug.

Maybe the original name was data. But the CSV file could be created by any program. And I often export the result bubble from a reporter (and it gets the name data).

Treating 'name (n)' specially seems wrong - just use the file name for the variable name.

What part of the name did it load?

The file data (6).csv imported as a variable named 'data ' (with the space at the end)


The issue is that if you export a variable called "data" from Snap! - it is normally saved as a file called "data.txt" on your computer

All good so far :slight_smile:

But if you re-export that variable it gets saved as "data (xx).txt" where xx i the number of times you've saved it

If you try and import a file a called "data (3).txt" - its gets imported as a variable called "data " (notice the space)

Us users would like it to be imported as a variable called "data (3)"