this is my project minisnap, its a snap editor in snap!
it is currently WIP so expect a few blocks
link: here
save, load, and delete project features require JS
the stage size is 800x600 (most modern computers now has a display size of at least 1024x768)

I'm working on another MiniSnap that works the same way yours does, only, it's more of a graphical masterpiece

wow, nice, but i prefer functionality more than design

Well, that works too I guess.

You can't change the input value of the blocks.

yes because that will take forever to make

It would take a while to implement that. You would have to assign hitboxes, textboxes, and make it so the hitboxes can be moved.

Many to work :grin:

new update 1.2:

categories are being added with more blocks! because the blocks in motion are done!