Mindustry collaboration

Remake Mindustry


Looking For Developers

Vanilla modding:me,@earthrulerr,@sir_kitten2
Debugging:me(and anyone who found bugs)
Snap and Snapification:earthrulerr,first_class_grey_rings,d4s_over_dt4
Coding style checker:earthrulerr


Main branch:

  1. Coal,Graphite,and Graphite press(not gonna implement direction dependant distribution items like junction and conveyor,and not gonna make size !=1 blocks)//just to be clear the reason of not implementing conveyors are texture issues not programming ones(although it is also a programming issue) but junctions are real mess
  2. Power,Combustion Generator,Power node,Battery//nope just do power as a resource like all power needing factories all need additional coal or all need sunlight etc
  3. Silicon,Silicon Smelter
    Snap branch:Translate it!

Block place selector branch:
2. Block place selector//i dunno how to implement,someone else help?heeeelp

Project link

Main branch:https://replit.com/@18001767679/grid-test
Snap branch:Awaiting translation


There you go @earthrulerr

Can you make it a wiki?

there you go

Will try snapification
But the issue is that we cannot have that large hunk of img directories in snap
So ill first try organizing and importing the costumes
If fail wa would have to use the src_load primitive to directly load scripts from replit and hack the page(so that morphic canvas does not hog space)
untitled script pic

onto the project! @18001767679 @earthrulerr

Thanks! Are you on the Repl?

what is repl?
github repo?
nope lol