Message saying "You were logged out"

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What's problem you are encountering?
Sometimes(very often) messages pop up on the forum saying "You were logged out."

What have you tried that didn't work?

Post a example, link, or screenshot:

@bh Can you help?


How many times have you been told not to start bumping your posts just a few minutes after posting them?

How many times have you been told not to @ tag the staff?

I know you're not trying to be a jerk, but you're being really annoying. Please stop.

I don't know why you're having that problem. I did look at the site settings and found that we had it set to log you out on all devices when you log out on any of them. Do you log in from two machines at once? I've disabled that setting so maybe that'll solve your problem.

Not to be mean, but that seems a little harsh to be telling someone to grow up. If you were to tell that to your dad or an elderly person, do you you think they would appreciate it? If @sir_kitten2 is a young person, it could badly hurt someone. My friend a few years back kept telling me to grow up, and I'm a very sensitive person and couldn't help but cry. So please just try to be a little nicer. You don't know how @sir_kitten2 could take that in. (He could take it as an insult) Also, if he is

you could just mute him.

You're quite right. @sir_kitten2, I apologize for my choice of language. I was very angry and I should have waited to cool down before posting.

No, I'm a moderator of the forum and so, alas, it's especially people who annoy me whose posts I have to read.

It said I was logged out, that didn't fix it.

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