Message format is varying depending on send payload

I'm playing around using send and I'm noticing this

If use 1st block

But if I use 2nd block and send a list

We're thinking about removing the message reporter, because it's prone to cause race conditions. You might as well share data over a shared (global) variable instead of hijacking the message one and then parsing what's in there.

OK. I won't rely on the message object from now on.

The message format looks the same to me, it's just displayed differently in the two images.

Result of sending "Test"
Result of sending a list in table view
Result of sending a list in list view

of course :slight_smile: silly me :slight_smile:

It's because
send [test v] to [Sprite v] :: control

is the same as

[scratchblocks]broadcast (list [test] (list [Sprite] @delInput @addInput :: list) @delInput @addInput :: list) :: control[/scratchblocks]


[scratchblocks]send (list [a] [b] [c] [d] @delInput @addInput :: list) to [Sprite v] :: control[/scratchblocks]

is the same as

[scratchblocks]broadcast (list (list [a] [b] [c] [d] @delInput @addInput :: list) (list [Sprite] @delInput @addInput :: list) @delInput @addInput :: list) :: control[/scratchblocks]

(i think)