Mayflower_MAS400 Project

If you were at Snap!Con21 (or watched the recordings afterwards) you might have noticed my Mayflower MAS400 tracking project

Since then, I've been working on it quite a lot to improve the UI and I'm quite pleased at how its gone :slight_smile:



Requires JS enabling

Enable JS (Press red top just in case things went wrong 1st time) and then press Green flag

It takes quite a while to set itself up

At the moment, its best to leave the MQTT option on replay/status as the craft is currently being re-fitted with a new generator back in Plymouth but hopefully it'll be out and about in the next few weeks again :slight_smile:

You can use the dropdown menus to select different looking maps - sometimes these take while to load - patience is required :slight_smile:

You can use the pan arrows to move the map around but if your in tracking mode - the map will auto-centre again on next data update

To zoom in and out you can either use the buttons or the dropdown

The dropdowns can be a bit slow (depending upon your hardware) as they are all just coded up in Snap!

Once Snap! 7 gets released, I aim to hopefully make my custom costumes reporters into JS extensions that should run a lot faster

This is what you made custom variable watchers for!

It's one of them


And I've made a very simple version of it



How do you get data from the MAS400?

It is supplying data using a protocol called MQTT.

It sends the data over a satellite radio link.

The concept behind MQTT is that you have a program running on a central server somewhere (which is called a broker) and a program running on what's called a client (such as the Mayflower) sending (what is called publishing) messages to it that get stored on the broker.

So its like a simple database in that respect

The clever bit is that a another program (such as my Snap! program) can ask to be updated anytime a new message is received by the broker. This is called subscribing.

Normally a program would have to keep checking the central database to see if records have been updated - in this case, the broker keeps track of who is interested in what information and automatically sends any changes out

Is that allowed?

Not only is it allowed - it is encouraged by the IBM team behind it :slight_smile:

The data is freely available to anyone who wants to use or look at it :slight_smile:

Hopefully, later on today, the team are hoping to add the data they collected on detecting sea creatures and I'll be able to popup little graphics of whales and dolphins etc :slight_smile:


What is an IBM team?

If I'm not mistaken, it's the people who work at IBM.

Link plz.

Wdym? A link to IBM?

No, a link to where

I don't have a link, ask cymplecy.


I can understand them.

There's no link to any licence so let's keep it our little secret for the moment :slight_smile:

Here is link to their own dashboard and tracking (currenlty offline while repairs continue)

1st draft of showing detected boats on the replay journey

[edit - turns out most of these boat sighting were of a support vessel that was following Mayflower.

It stopped following a little further out